Our Friends

Ffrash has made a lot of friends in a short period of time. Below are a few of our Dutch and Indonesian friends who have spent their time with Ffrash. Of course, we cannot thank all our friends personally, but to everyone who helped us who is not listed below: A big thank you!

  • Studio OOOMS – Guido Ooms & Karin van Lieshout made and pre-tested all the designs for the Ffrash collection 2013-2014, and trained the youngsters in how to produce the designs.
  • Celine van Raamt – Celine spent her time designing new products for the Ffrash collection 2014-2015 and taught our team different new techniques.
  • KDM – without their enthusiasm and expertise in dealing with and understanding street children, Ffrash could not have gotten to the point where we are today.
  • Mediasaurus – Mark van der Poel designed the visual identity for Ffrash and is responsible for the maintenance of our website.
  • Momentia Photography – The product photography was done by Momentia Photography.
  • Kate Willsky did the editing for the English version of the website text.
  • Ardiles Rante, Pamela Mooij, Karin van Lieshout, Guido Ooms and Momentia Photography provided the photography for the website.