Our Partner KDM

partner_kdmKDM’s full name is Kampus Diakoneia Modern. KDM is a non-profit organization who provides several programs and services for street and marginalized children. Established in 1972, the aim is to promote and fulfill child rights and protection. KDM has for more than 45 years helped numbers of children, especially those who live and work on the streets of Jakarta and its surrounding areas.Ffrash works closely with KDM. Our workshop is located on the KDM premises and it was also there the Ffrash project started, and most of the Ffrash students join directly from KDM after finishing their education there.

KDM´s vision is to create an innovative environment to empower street children to become independent and self-support adults. All children, regardless of origin, are provided with their basic right to enjoy a childhood with love and acceptance, food, shelter, and education. At KDM the children are provided with the education each child deserves and otherwise would not have had. All teaching methods are tailored to the specific needs of street children. The main objective is to give the children a chance to develop their own talents and to build a strong, positive character to enable them to achieve what they want in life. Children come to KDM from as young as 7 years old, and from many urban areas of Java and Sumatra.

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