About Ffrash

Ffrash is a social non-profit organization that produces quality sustainable design products from Indonesian trash. The Ffrash collections are developed by designers and made by former Indonesian street children. Ffrash trains less fortunate children to become green artisans and entrepreneurs themselves. The aim is to show that large numbers of Indonesian street children are potential skilled workers who can turn trash into beautiful and functional products. Ffrash is a fully non-profit organization. All revenues will be invested in the Ffrash artisans and the development of street children, as well as other social projects around the trash dumps of Jakarta. By buying Ffrash products you are helping street children in Jakarta, Indonesia, while at the same time creating a cleaner environment. All Ffrash products are crafted responsibly, with the best interest of the environment in mind. The products are handmade by the former with the greatest attention to detail, creativity, and care. Due to the handmade nature of the items, some variations will occur. Small imperfections are not to be regarded as “faults”, but as part of the charm of handmade recycled goods.

About Ffrash Project

The project ‘then trash became Ffrash’ was founded in December 2012. The idea behind the project is to teach former street children in Indonesia how to make furniture and interior products from trash. The brand name of these products is ‘Ffrash’ (a hybrid of Trash and Fresh).

To get material for our products we buy most of the raw materials, trash, from scavengers and fishermen, generating a secured income for them. Also, we collect and receive all different kind of glass bottles around the Jakarta area. Ffrash is a fully non-profit organization. We work closely with our partner, KDM, Yayasan Kampus Diakonia Modern foundation in Indonesia. All revenues from the products will be invested in the Ffrash artisans and in the development and care of these former street children.

Every day the people living in Jakarta produce 7000 tons of garbage. Once collected, this garbage is unloaded at different garbage dumps throughout the city. People flock to these dumps to sift through the garbage, creating makeshift settlements at the dumps that eventually grow into actual villages. Cardboard, plastic, glass, cans, bottles: every person has a specialization that he/she searches for and collects, making an average of €0,85 a day. And the next day, they each return to the mountains of trash to continue their hunt, of course never earning enough to break through the vicious cycle.

Ffrash makes furniture and other products by reusing trash, thus showing people that you can create new products without using for example wood as a raw material. Additionally, upcycling offers a solution to the problems around waste processing in Indonesia. And last, by training youths in furniture and product making, Ffrash empowers them to succeed in society. Vocational training and professional coaching support the street children to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty. The children learn to create a better future for themselves in an environmentally sustainable manner while learning a trade and entrepreneurial skills.


Founder of Ffrash

Gina Provó Kluit-Gonesh

Ffrash Gina Profile PicGina Provó Kluit was 18 years old when she moved from Curaçao to The Netherlands to start her Master’s program in Chemistry at the Rijksuniversiteit Leiden. After her graduation, she held commercial positions with multinational Akzo Nobel and Shell. Work brought Gina and her family to Bangladesh and South Africa. Despite her job satisfaction, Gina missed a creative aspect in her work and decided to start training in architectural drawing at the Inscape Design College in Johannesburg. That was where her new passion was born: design. Gina and her family later moved to Indonesia and when they arrived in Indonesia Gina decided to use this passion in her own company, in a way that would have a positive social impact. Gradually, ideas came to mind about combining Dutch design with the enormous amounts of Indonesian trash, hence the initiative “then trash became Ffrash” originated. A project that combines design with trash and business with social.

Gina today lives in the Netherlands, but still, take great interest in Ffrash and its future.

Ffrash Volunteers


Ffrash Mari
Manager & Administrator
Ffrash Malin
Social Media Manager


Our Partner KDM

Ffrash Artisans

Ffrash Designers

We could not have gotten this far without the support of our sponsors and friends.
So, on behalf of the entire Ffrash team, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who contributed to this social, green design project.